Art school

Art classes: week 6

Painting based on Andrew Potter photo

Last Wednesday, we painted some still lifes from coloured photocopies. The reason we painted from photocopies rather than real still-life setups was so that we didn’t feel pressured time-wise. (We could take the paintings home and finish them there, which I did.)


Pegs—in colour


I was tempted to avoid painting this, because I found the pegs hard to draw (and I thought I’d stuff them up painting them), but I’m glad I didn’t. The colour in the photo’s not quite accurate (what looks like a red peg is actually bright pink), but you get the idea.


(Attempted) chrysanthemums


These are some flowers on our kitchen table. I think they are chrysanthemums—although you probably can’t tell from these paintings. 🙂 I struggled to make the marks I wanted for the petals. Maybe I used the wrong brush (a number 8 round). Or, more likely, I just don’t know how to use it yet. 🙂

The painting on the right was the first one I did, and an attempt at a monochromatic. A few problems with perspective, and definitely with value, but I like the earthy colours and the goldy looking water in the bottom of the vase.

If I had to choose, I think I prefer the painting on the left. It looks more like the flowers on our table (a big part because they’re actually white), I like the marks I made (even though they weren’t exactly what I was trying for), and it feels more dynamic.


My current tastes in paintings

I’m enjoying a tonne of different styles and subject matter at the moment, but I’ve noticed there are a few (general) things I consistently gravitate to:

  • Abstracted landscapes
  • Landscapes with dark, dramatic skies
  • Still lifes of flowers
  • A painterly style