Community, not competition

The idea of there being ‘competition’ in art is to my mind an alien concept, I have experienced nothing but help and cooperation amongst artists that I come into contact with…. We are not competitors we are community and it is from that standpoint that we support each other and collectively improve.

Nicholas Elliott

Check out the painting that goes with Nicholas’s post. He’s been doing a series of cup still lifes, and I particularly like this one. It takes on a whole new meaning with the name Community.

Art school

Art classes: week 6

Painting based on Andrew Potter photo

Last Wednesday, we painted some still lifes from coloured photocopies. The reason we painted from photocopies rather than real still-life setups was so that we didn’t feel pressured time-wise. (We could take the paintings home and finish them there, which I did.)


Pegs—in colour


I was tempted to avoid painting this, because I found the pegs hard to draw (and I thought I’d stuff them up painting them), but I’m glad I didn’t. The colour in the photo’s not quite accurate (what looks like a red peg is actually bright pink), but you get the idea.


(Attempted) chrysanthemums


These are some flowers on our kitchen table. I think they are chrysanthemums—although you probably can’t tell from these paintings. 🙂 I struggled to make the marks I wanted for the petals. Maybe I used the wrong brush (a number 8 round). Or, more likely, I just don’t know how to use it yet. 🙂

The painting on the right was the first one I did, and an attempt at a monochromatic. A few problems with perspective, and definitely with value, but I like the earthy colours and the goldy looking water in the bottom of the vase.

If I had to choose, I think I prefer the painting on the left. It looks more like the flowers on our table (a big part because they’re actually white), I like the marks I made (even though they weren’t exactly what I was trying for), and it feels more dynamic.


My current tastes in paintings

I’m enjoying a tonne of different styles and subject matter at the moment, but I’ve noticed there are a few (general) things I consistently gravitate to:

  • Abstracted landscapes
  • Landscapes with dark, dramatic skies
  • Still lifes of flowers
  • A painterly style