One year of painting (and blogging here)!

The Red Vineyard by Vincent van Gogh

I’m a little bit late posting this, because I started this blog on 22 April last year, but I’m happy to say I’ve been painting, and blogging here, for a year.


Ink drawing of a David Hockney photo

You might remember, in week 4 of my art classes, we worked with ink and shellac and did some drawings of old David Hockney photos of objects in his studio?


Painting without understanding drawing

It’s futile to paint without having a solid understanding of drawing.

Daniel Sprick on The Plein Air Podcast

I’m glad quite a lot of my night class has focused on drawing. I’ve just set myself a reminder to draw something each day.


Why draw?

One of the most important things [Ned Jacob] said to me over the many years I studied with him was: Drawing will set you free. He never really explained what that meant, but over time I figured it out. So, now I am telling you: Drawing will set you free.

Deborah Paris, The Landscape Atelier

Read the rest of the post. It gives six very good reasons why drawing will set you free (in your art making).

P. S. This is my 100th post! 🎉

Art school

Art classes: week 4

Last Wednesday, we worked with ink and shellac, which is basically beetle poo and meths. 🙂 The idea was to continue to work with line and tone and build a bridge between drawing and painting (by introducing a brush).