Pot plants

Pencil on paper

One’s a strawberry. Dunno what the other one is. 😆 I need Google Lens so I can start identifying plants, but it’s not available for my phone yet. Or maybe an alternative, if someone can suggest one, because I’m not that fond of Google.

I struggled with the background (and contrast) on this one. I think I should have left the top half white.

Mission Bay sketches

After watching a bad movie (admittedly, with a few funny and moving moments) at the Berkley, I sat on the concrete wall at Mission Bay Beach and sketched these at about 7.30/8.00 last night. Always a lovely sunset there on a clear summer evening.

The moon was white, more like the second sketch, but I kinda like the first one too, so I’ve included it.

Click on each image to see it without the gallery cropping.

Charcoal play

I love the drama and the interest that you can create with charcoal. And I love the happy accidents, like that spray of charcoal beyond the top-left edge of the sphere. I don’t know what that’s called (maybe someone knows a technical term?), but I like that effect in painting too. You can see it clearly and strongly in this painting by Carol Smith Myer. It’s reminds me of sea spray flying off rocks.

Another thing I like about charcoal is blending it with my fingers. So messy, but so good.