Art and faith

The Kingdom Art Life

Conversations about art and faith can often (understandably) be quite metaphorical and abstract, and sometimes this frustrates me. So, I really appreciate Marlita Hill’s podcast, The Kingdom Art Life, which gives a solid biblical and theological grounding to the discussion, and is highly practical.

Marlita is a great communicator—quiet, clear, insightful, and funny—and, as a professional dancer and mature Christian, she’s lived this stuff out; it’s not theory. Her perspective and message (which is about harmonising faith, art, and a “secular” art career) are quite unique, I think.

Highly recommended.


Learn to Paint podcast

This podcast only started a few months ago, but it’s my favourite so far for beginners. Unlike other podcasts, where the hosts tend to waffle, Kelly gets straight to the point and asks clear, insightful questions. And the guests give clear, insightful answers. It feels very practical, and I’m scribbling down lots of notes.