Signs and symbols to live by

Once the painter was making signs and symbols for people to live by: now he makes things to hang on walls at exhibitions.

Colin McCahon in McCahon Country by Justin Paton

Art and faith

The Kingdom Art Life

Conversations about art and faith can often (understandably) be quite metaphorical and abstract, and sometimes this frustrates me. So, I really appreciate Marlita Hill’s podcast, The Kingdom Art Life, which gives a solid biblical and theological grounding to the discussion, and is highly practical.

Marlita is a great communicator—quiet, clear, insightful, and funny—and, as a professional dancer and mature Christian, she’s lived this stuff out; it’s not theory. Her perspective and message (which is about harmonising faith, art, and a “secular” art career) are quite unique, I think.

Highly recommended.

Art and faith

Makoto Fujimura talks about becoming a Christian


A crazy dream

OK, let me put this out there: I’d love to be a full-time artist one day.

I know I’m nowhere near being able to even consider that, but if I put in the work, and lean on God’s grace, maybe in five or ten years I’ll be producing paintings that people actually want to buy.

At 46, I’m still willing to dream big.