Art in the Park

Some highlights from Art in the Park, which I went to a couple of weekends ago:

  • Seeing Lisa Call’s textile paintings in the flesh. I especially loved the texture of them, but also the colour and compositions.
  • Chatting with Nic Dempster, who paints these colourful, stylised scenes of suburban houses. I really like his paintings, and he was friendly and down to earth.
  • Chatting with Pete Cernis, who trained at The Florence Academy. 😮 I absolutely love his atmospheric paintings. And his drawings… Frankly, they make me want to give up. But he was very encouraging when I told him I was learning to draw and paint, and he even said I could email him if I wanted some input. I’m not sure whether I have the guts to take him up on it!
  • Volker Hawighorst’s objects. I didn’t realise until I got up close that they were made from bread-bag tags! Some of them were quite beautiful.

I also got a free tour of Eden Park and learnt some trivia about it, which was fun ahead of going to see the All Whites play Australia this weekend. ⚽