Line speed and stoppers

Such simple concepts that hadn’t occurred to me before. Really helpful.


Three-value notans

Spoon notan
Glass notan

These are a couple of my first ever notans. I used Tombow E15 (black) and N65 (grey) brush pens, and the white of the paper. (Odd how the highlights look white but the blank paper outside the borders looks grey. Must be a trick of the eyes—or my crappy phone camera.)

I didn’t focus on design in these so much as just trying to capture the right (simplified) values. I can see how this will be a really helpful exercise.


Mosaic of shapes

[A painting is] not a drawing; it’s a mosaic of shapes.

Michael Chamberlain on The Artful Painter
Art school

Art classes: week 6

Painting based on Andrew Potter photo

Last Wednesday, we painted some still lifes from coloured photocopies. The reason we painted from photocopies rather than real still-life setups was so that we didn’t feel pressured time-wise. (We could take the paintings home and finish them there, which I did.)

Art school

Art classes: week 5

My messy, colourful table at Browne

It’s taking me longer and longer to post these because the exercises I’m working on between classes are taking longer.

Last Wednesday, we finally got to work with paint. This is what I’d been waiting for.