Three birds

I’m pretty stoked with this. I possibly could have ruled the powerlines, but I was determined to do freehand—partly because I know the imperfections can add interest, but also because a little voice in the back of my head was saying, “real artists don’t use rulers”. I should have remembered this. In the end, forContinue reading “Three birds”

Three-value notans

These are a couple of my first ever notans. I used Tombow E15 (black) and N65 (grey) brush pens, and the white of the paper. (Odd how the highlights look white but the blank paper outside the borders looks grey. Must be a trick of the eyes—or my crappy phone camera.) I didn’t focus onContinue reading “Three-value notans”

Art classes: week 6

Last Wednesday, we painted some still lifes from coloured photocopies. The reason we painted from photocopies rather than real still-life setups was so that we didn’t feel pressured time-wise. (We could take the paintings home and finish them there, which I did.)