Community, not competition

The idea of there being ‘competition’ in art is to my mind an alien concept, I have experienced nothing but help and cooperation amongst artists that I come into contact with…. We are not competitors we are community and it is from that standpoint that we support each other and collectively improve.

Nicholas Elliott

Check out the painting that goes with Nicholas’s post. He’s been doing a series of cup still lifes, and I particularly like this one. It takes on a whole new meaning with the name Community.


Dear Mister Rogers

I’m so thankful for Rebecca Reynolds. She’s one of the few Christian writers who really hit the nail on the head for me at the moment—emotionally, honestly, intellectually, and faithfully. And this letter to Mister Rogers is a good example of why.

I don’t know whether I ever saw the original TV series, but I did see the recent movie with Tom Hanks in it and was deeply moved by it. And Rebecca’s letter only adds to that. What a timely message.