More lamp practice

Tonal sketches of a kerosene lamp
Acrylic on paper

Some really quick tonal sketches I did in preparation for a painting I’m going to do. (I previously did a pencil drawing.) They’re pretty rough, but I found the exercise helpful—and fun. I did them to try to decide on an underpainting colour, but they were also good sketching-with-a-brush and value practice.

I like the ochre one best. Amazing how different colours can produce such different moods. The blue one I stuffed up and didn’t finish. 🙂


Band of colours

Coloured pencil on paper

This is my attempt at capturing the band of colours I mentioned here. Pretty subtle. It took some observing to be able to distinguish the colours, and even then, it’s probably quite subjective.


Coloured pencils

I was stoked to pick these up yesterday (a birthday present bought with some money from my mum). They’re lovely and soft and loaded with pigment. Look forward to doing some coloured sketches.


What to do when you’re scared of colour

Image by Steve Johnson on Unsplash

I’m not scared of colour, but I am definitely early in the learning phase and trying to get more comfortable and confident with it. So, these seem like great suggestions to help with that. (Although the article is focused on drawing, I’m sure painters will find it helpful.)

Aside from actually working with paint, which I intend to do more of because that’s ultimately what I want to do, I’ve ordered some nice coloured pencils to introduce more colour to my drawing. I’m sure that will help with my colour skills when I come to paint.


Just noticed, the band of warmer colours—violet, pink, orange, yellow, green—that sits just above the horizon at sunset (on a clear summer’s day, at least) shifts up in the sky as the sun gets lower. I guess that makes sense.