Tickle your whites, and avoid 100% black

When I’m doing paintings, when I get to the highlights, especially if it’s a warm object that needs a highlight, the whiter it goes, the intensity doesn’t seem to be quite as bright. So I will usually tickle it with a little bit of green and blue, or a touch of magenta and blue, inContinue reading “Tickle your whites, and avoid 100% black”

Copy of James Abbott McNeill Whistler’s Nocturne in Blue and Silver 1872–78

This is a copy of another painting I found in Mystical Landscapes: From Vincent Van Gogh to Emily Carr. I’m not quite sure why this one is called Nocturne in Blue and Silver. Unlike many of Whistler’s other nocturnes, I couldn’t see any blue in this one.

Copy of Ferdinand Hodler’s Lake Geneva with Mont Blanc in the morning light

I was inspired by Katie Turner’s post on studying the masters to do another copy. I found this painting in the book Mystical Landscapes: From Vincent van Gogh to Emily Carr. Looking at the reproduction on WikiArt, there’s a much greater shift from cool to warm in the colour (from right to left) compared toContinue reading “Copy of Ferdinand Hodler’s Lake Geneva with Mont Blanc in the morning light”