Art school

Art classes: week 7

Wow. A lot’s happened in the last week. Like many other countries, New Zealand is now in lockdown. It feels surreal and disconcerting. But I don’t want to focus on COVID-19. We’re all already feeling overwhelmed with the implications and the torrent of media reports. All I want to say is, I hope you’re OK.

For last week’s art class, on Wednesday the 18th, we returned to drawing and learnt about perspective.

Art school

Art classes: week 6

Painting based on Andrew Potter photo

Last Wednesday, we painted some still lifes from coloured photocopies. The reason we painted from photocopies rather than real still-life setups was so that we didn’t feel pressured time-wise. (We could take the paintings home and finish them there, which I did.)


Ink drawing of a David Hockney photo

You might remember, in week 4 of my art classes, we worked with ink and shellac and did some drawings of old David Hockney photos of objects in his studio?


Anthony Grootelaar

I don’t tend to be a fan of total abstraction, but I do really enjoy following Anthony Grootelaar. He’s endlessly creative, and he’s very good at naming his works and pairing them with thought-provoking quotes.


Painting without understanding drawing

It’s futile to paint without having a solid understanding of drawing.

Daniel Sprick on The Plein Air Podcast

I’m glad quite a lot of my night class has focused on drawing. I’ve just set myself a reminder to draw something each day.