Copy of James Abbott McNeill Whistler’s Nocturne in Blue and Silver 1872–78

This is a copy of another painting I found in Mystical Landscapes: From Vincent Van Gogh to Emily Carr. I’m not quite sure why this one is called Nocturne in Blue and Silver. Unlike many of Whistler’s other nocturnes, I couldn’t see any blue in this one.

Three birds

I’m pretty stoked with this. I possibly could have ruled the powerlines, but I was determined to do freehand—partly because I know the imperfections can add interest, but also because a little voice in the back of my head was saying, “real artists don’t use rulers”. I should have remembered this. In the end, forContinue reading “Three birds”

Nothing like a cold beer and a little bit of painting after work

Related to what’s in the picture, I recently bought the spray bottle, and it’s been really helpful. I can use it to keep my (acrylic) paint from drying out, but also to wet a rag and either rub off a misplaced mark or reveal the layer of paint under a wet layer (for effect). AnotherContinue reading “Nothing like a cold beer and a little bit of painting after work”

More lamp practice

Some really quick tonal sketches I did in preparation for a painting I’m going to do. (I previously did a pencil drawing.) They’re pretty rough, but I found the exercise helpful—and fun. I did them to try to decide on an underpainting colour, but they were also good sketching-with-a-brush and value practice. I like theContinue reading “More lamp practice”