Barbara von Seida’s “Follow Me” exhibition

I went to see an exhibition by Barbara von Seida at the Carlton Gallery (part of The Arts Junction) in Katikati yesterday. As soon as I walked in, I said, “these are my kind of paintings”—heavily abstracted landscapes with beautiful colour and atmosphere. The only thing I didn’t like was that many of the paintingsContinue reading “Barbara von Seida’s “Follow Me” exhibition”

Abstracting the Landscape with Lewis Noble

I really enjoyed this episode of Art Juice—partly because I’m strongly drawn to abstracted landscapes at the moment, but also because Lewis is so warm and down to earth. Louise also asks some great questions, and the conversation between them flows naturally. (Some podcast interviews are quite awkward.) Art Juice is fast becoming one ofContinue reading “Abstracting the Landscape with Lewis Noble”

McCahon’s The Fourteen Stations of the Cross

I visit this just about every time I go to the Auckland Art Gallery. It never ceases to amaze me how a series of white (or sepia) lines on a heavily abstracted landscape can capture Christ’s journey to the cross so well and be so moving. Like most great paintings, though, you have to spendContinue reading “McCahon’s The Fourteen Stations of the Cross”

What makes a good abstract painting?

I’m not sure I’ll head down the track of complete abstraction (at least not for a while yet), but I’m coming to appreciate it more and more, and videos like this really help. Another abstract painter whose paintings and YouTube videos I really like is David Kessler. Here he is on what (good) abstract paintingContinue reading “What makes a good abstract painting?”