Art and faith

McCahon’s The Fourteen Stations of the Cross

I visit this just about every time I go to the Auckland Art Gallery. It never ceases to amaze me how a series of white (or sepia) lines on a heavily abstracted landscape can capture Christ’s journey to the cross so well and be so moving. Like most great paintings, though, you have to spend time with it for it to take effect.


What makes a good abstract painting?

I’m not sure I’ll head down the track of complete abstraction (at least not for a while yet), but I’m coming to appreciate it more and more, and videos like this really help.

Another abstract painter whose paintings and YouTube videos I really like is David Kessler. Here he is on what (good) abstract painting is. I find him quite entertaining. 🙂


Mosaic of shapes

[A painting is] not a drawing; it’s a mosaic of shapes.

Michael Chamberlain on The Artful Painter

Anthony Grootelaar

I don’t tend to be a fan of total abstraction, but I do really enjoy following Anthony Grootelaar. He’s endlessly creative, and he’s very good at naming his works and pairing them with thought-provoking quotes.