Cover photo for Chris Lovie-Tyler

Hi from Postcard!

Chris Lovie-Tyler
I was going to make the switch to a blog for the new year, but as soon as I did, I started having doubts about it.

I really like newsletters, and I don’t think I wanted to give them up.

I also want to get serious about artmaking this year, and frequent publishing tends to be a distraction for me. So, going back to a monthly newsletter made the most sense.

On top of that, I discovered Postcard, a brand new service that creates a simple, personal website with a newsletter attached. No bells and whistles. Just the absolute essentials.

I like the motivation behind it, and Philip, its creator, has been friendly, very responsive, and welcoming of feedback, which gives me confidence for the future of the product. 

So, that's why I'm now here. 🙂

Some bits and pieces

  • My site still lives at (Thanks to Patrick Tomasso for the cover image.)
  • I'll send the newsletter out on the first Sunday of every month, so you'll receive the next one on 5 February.
  • I quite like CJ Chilvers' idea of applying a bit of "chaos" to newsletter design, so I won't stick to any particular format.
I'll leave you with of a photo of my studio (aka the garage), which I've cleaned up for 2023: