Art school

More materials for art class

Art materials

I bought the rest of the materials for my art class today. Not cheap, even when you buy the “affordable” stuff, but I’m all set now. I’m looking forward to trying charcoal drawing, and I’m happy to finally have a palette knife. (No more misshaping my round brush by mixing paint with it!)


McCahon Country

McCahon Country book

My wife bought this for me for our twenty-second wedding anniversary. It’s a beautiful book, and Justin Paton is a great art writer (I’ve read his How to Look at a Painting). More importantly, I increasingly value McCahon’s work—not all of it, but much of it. It resonates deeply with me as a Christian, and I’m drawn to his aesthetic and his earthy colour palette. I love his landscapes (the less-abstracted ones) and his word-based paintings. I’ll be enjoying this for some time to come.


Pen sketches from Titirangi Beach

These are some sketches I did at the little park just back from Titirangi Beach this morning. I also tried to draw a park bench (it was simple geometric shapes) but couldn’t get the perspective right and threw those drawings out in disgust. Probably could’ve got it with another couple of tries, but I was ready to go home. 🙂

Note: Click the first one to see the full sketch. I found the shapes the tree trunks created quite interesting.

Art and faith

Makoto Fujimura talks about becoming a Christian


Paintings I love: Yongsung Kim's The Hand of God

I’m not usually a fan of paintings of Jesus, but I love this one. At first, I thought Jesus was surfing (I can actually imagine him doing that!), but then I realised he was standing on the water, with his hand reaching into it. I love the composition, the colour, the light—and that Jesus’ face is obscured, because we don’t actually know what he looked like.