Some decent paints!

New materials!

I’m excited to say, I bought some decent (Schmincke Akademie acrylic) paints today—along with some gesso, new brushes, and other bits and pieces to move my painting forward. Can’t wait to try out the new colours!


Copy of Beth Zimmerman’s Marshall, Pug

Copy of Beth Zimmerman's Marshall, Pug

I copied this drawing from the fantastic book 1000 Dog Portraits and am posting it here with the permission of the artist. The original uses a light colour wash for the background, but I couldn’t mix the right colour with the paints I have, so I imitated it with colour pencil.

Painting Sketching

Tree at the park

This was a tree I saw at the park tonight. I liked the shape.

I did an initial sketch and then tried to recreate it with watercolours when I got home. Need some better materials—and to learn how to paint with watercolours. 🙂


Fine art is not scalable.

Gábor Svagrik, on The Artful Painter

Art and faith Painting

Finding my creative direction

Image by Paul Murphy on Unsplash

Creativity’s been a big part of my life. I’ve written songs and sung in bands, expressed myself through personal blogs, written poetry, and, most recently, started drawing and painting. I’d even go so far as to say I feel called (in the Christian sense) to it.

But as I’ve gotten older (I’m 46), I’ve struggled to decide which form that should take. In particular, recently, whether I should continue with painting or return to poetry, which I spent three years on.