Savvy Painter: Oil painting questions and answers, with Gamblin

This was a fantastically informative episode on oils and oil painting. I particularly appreciated the Q&A on toxicity, but the whole thing was interesting. I’m strongly tempted to switch to oils—and Gamblin in particular—now, when my acrylics run out. My wallet might be the limiting factor though.

Pocket colour wheel

I’ve got a bad cold and am feeling really lousy today, but I went to a local stationery store about bought a few small canvas boards (8x10s) and this colour wheel. I’m really pleased I got it. It covers all the basics of colour theory, including giving explanations of terms such as hue, value, intensity (saturation/chroma), tint, tone, and shade. I think it’ll come in really handy when I’m mixing colours and considering colour schemes for my paintings—certainly more handy than my home-made job. 🙂

Notebook thoughts: Forced Christian art

This may not always be the case, but I wonder whether, as Christians, if we’re consciously trying to embed a message in our art (as opposed to letting it flow naturally and unconsciously from a reality within), it’s a sign that, to some degree, we’re not living the life we think we should be.