I might give Instagram a miss

So while Instagram is good for showing us well-composed photos of consumer products — and décor, and people’s nice tanned shoulders, and illustration, and some excellent photojournalism — when it comes to showing us art, it’s like a massive Serra sculpture being driven past your house at 200 miles an hour on the back of a flatbed truck: Yeah, I saw it, kinda. I guess.

Christina Rees on Glasstire

I’ve been tempted to join Instagram because most artists seem to be on there, but I’ve always been hesitant—especially since Facebook owns it.

In case the linked article above isn’t enough to put me off, here’s another one.

Much rather just have my own blog, follow a handful of artists I really like, and get out, as much as possible, to see art in person.

A proper mailing list!

Image by Tumisu on Pixabay

If you’ve been reading my blog for a while, you might remember that I have a crazy dream. Well, one of the things I’m lead to believe might help (apart from working hard to become a good painter) is a mailing list. And because mailing lists take so long to build, I thought I’d start now.

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