Charcoal contour drawings

I’ve had a busy week preparing for a job interview, so I haven’t done any practice of what I learnt in last week’s class up till now.

This didn’t really match what we did on Wednesday—tonight I used a much smaller, simpler subject; A5 rather than A1 paper; and shorter pieces of charcoal—but it was still worthwhile practice.


The subject of art

This idea that “the subject of art is art” may be a stimulating intellectual proposition within the art world, but it also goes a long way toward explaining why most non-artists find zero connection between their own life and that same art.

Ted Orland, The View From The Studio Door
Art school

Art classes: week 2

This week, we focused on line—and drew with willow charcoal, which I really enjoyed. It was also the first time I’d drawn on an easel and in such a large format (A1).

The subject of all of the drawings below was a complex still life in the middle of the room made up of a chair, a stool, vases (on different-sized and shaped blocks), bottles, and a suspended frame and tennis racket.


More emotion marks and negative-space drawings

More practice for my art class. I attempted making marks for a different set of emotions this time.

Emotion marks
Left to right, top to bottom: confusion, disgust, adoration, horror, awe, triumph, fear, excitement

Heart cup, headphones, jug

Some more negative-space practice. Again, I used my pencil to assess the angles and proportions. I’m pretty happy with these.

Note: The headphones were lying down on the table just in front of me.

Heart cup