Commenting policy

[Last updated: 9 January 2024]

I know commenting on blogs has fallen out of fashion, but I do appreciate them when people choose to interact with me that way. You can also send me a private message via the form on my About page.

If you do use my comment form:

  • Be respectful, of me and other commenters. I don’t mind polite disagreement, but I’ll delete anything I consider unnecessarily offensive or a personal attack. I may block you too.
  • Stay on topic, and try to add to the discussion or be specific.
  • Only include links that are relevant to the post and the discussion. If you include more than one link, the comment will go into moderation.
  • Use your real name or your usual pseudonym. If you post as ‘Anonymous’ or anything that looks spammy, I’ll delete the comment.
  • If your comment is going to be long (more than, say, a few paragraphs), consider posting it on your own blog and sending me a link.
  • Your first comment will go into moderation. After I’ve approved that, your future comments will be published immediately.
  • I’ll delete anything that looks spammy or purely promotional.

I reserve the right to edit or delete any comment without notice.

If I make any significant changes to this policy, I’ll post a short update on the blog.