Three birds

Three birds
Acrylic on canvas board

I’m pretty stoked with this.

I possibly could have ruled the powerlines, but I was determined to do freehand—partly because I know the imperfections can add interest, but also because a little voice in the back of my head was saying, “real artists don’t use rulers”. I should have remembered this. In the end, for this particular picture, I think the imperfections are a bit of a distraction.

But I’m really pleased with the birds. And apart from the wobbly powerlines, which I still think are an interesting compositional element, I pretty much achieved what I wanted to.

Nothing like a cold beer and a little bit of painting after work

Related to what’s in the picture, I recently bought the spray bottle, and it’s been really helpful. I can use it to keep my (acrylic) paint from drying out, but also to wet a rag and either rub off a misplaced mark or reveal the layer of painter under a wet layer (for effect).

Another thing I’ve started doing is writing notes in my notebook at the end of each painting session. That way, I can remember what I was thinking, how I mixed a colour, or what I need to fix the next time I come to paint.