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Finding my creative direction

Creativity’s been a big part of my life. I’ve written songs and sung in bands, expressed myself through personal blogs, written poetry, and, most recently, started drawing and painting. I’d even go so far as to say I feel called (in the Christian sense) to it.

But as I’ve gotten older (I’m 46), I’ve struggled to decide which form that should take. In particular, recently, whether I should continue with painting or return to poetry, which I spent three years on.

Art and faith

Helping others imagine

God gives us imagination in order that we may help others imagine. Or put another way, he blesses us in order that we may bless.

—Jon Bowles, Art & Faith

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The freedom of the Christian artist

Religious subjects are no guarantee that a work of art is Christian. On the other hand, the art of an artist who never paints the head of Christ, never once paints an open tomb, may be magnificent Christian art….

Some Christian artists will never use religious themes. This is a freedom the artist has in Christ under the leadership of the Holy Spirit

—Francis Schaeffer, Art and the Bible