Alexander McKenzie (and two other contemporary Christian artists I like)

I’m always on the lookout for contemporary Christian artists who are highly skilled and expressing their faith in a striking and original way. I guess that’s because I’m looking ahead to how I might do the same. I don’t know that all these artists would necessarily refer to themselves as ‘Christian artists’, but their faithContinue reading “Alexander McKenzie (and two other contemporary Christian artists I like)”

McCahon’s The Fourteen Stations of the Cross

I visit this just about every time I go to the Auckland Art Gallery. It never ceases to amaze me how a series of white (or sepia) lines on a heavily abstracted landscape can capture Christ’s journey to the cross so well and be so moving. Like most great paintings, though, you have to spendContinue reading “McCahon’s The Fourteen Stations of the Cross”

The Kingdom Art Life

Conversations about art and faith can often (understandably) be quite metaphorical and abstract, and sometimes this frustrates me. So, I really appreciate Marlita Hill’s podcast, The Kingdom Art Life, which gives a solid biblical and theological grounding to the discussion, and is highly practical. Marlita is a great communicator—quiet, clear, insightful, and funny—and, as aContinue reading “The Kingdom Art Life”