I wanted a way to see all my paintings and sketches in one place (rather than having to trawl back through individual posts), so I created a gallery. Click Gallery in the menu at the top of the site and you’ll find a page for paintings and a page for sketches. It’s quite encouraging seeing everything in one place.

Understandably, I’ve got a lot more sketches than paintings (they’re quicker and easier to produce), but I want to step up my painting this year. I have been working on a larger, more involved painting (the lamp one). I hope to be able to share that with you soon. 🙂

Night-time sketches

For fun, I went outside the other night and did some sketches. I could barely see what I was doing (I didn’t have a torch, only the moonlight), so I focused on the subject, and did them very quickly.

I actually quite like how some of them came out—especially some of the marks I made.

Art for the nervous system

It seems obvious that we need to recapture the pleasure of creating things – not for profit, or for performative value – but for our own health and enjoyment. If ever there was a time that our nervous systems – individually and collectively – need soothing, it’s now.

The Art Caravan

See the rest of the article for how art-making benefits us emotionally and physically. I’ve certainly felt some of those benefits.