Just playing

I haven’t picked up my brushes in a while—I’ve been feeling a bit unmotivated and intimidated. So, I decided to get out my paints and just play. Play is underrated, I think.


A couple of sketches

I haven’t really drawn or painted anything in about three or four weeks. That’s mainly because I’ve been working on a little side business (art-related!), and I tend to get absorbed in new projects at the expense of other things—a bit of a character fault. So, I was a bit nervous about getting back into it again, in case I’d lost all of my hard-won skills.

But I managed to pick up a pencil and do a could of quick sketches, so I feel a bit better now. The moral of the story? Keep going! Do something daily, even if it’s only small. That way, you won’t let the doubt set in.

Now to get back to that outdoor painting I started about a month ago…


Dear Mister Rogers

I’m so thankful for Rebecca Reynolds. She’s one of the few Christian writers who really hit the nail on the head for me at the moment—emotionally, honestly, intellectually, and faithfully. And this letter to Mister Rogers is a good example of why.

I don’t know whether I ever saw the original TV series, but I did see the recent movie with Tom Hanks in it and was deeply moved by it. And Rebecca’s letter only adds to that. What a timely message.


When McCahon declared, ‘I will need words,’ in a 1961 letter to poet John Caselberg, he was saying he needed them for something. He wanted his paintings to speak: to cut through, to communicate, to be clear in a new way about human fears and hopes and about how to love authentically. And he saw that painted words were a way to approach spiritual realities and urgencies that resisted conventional picturing.

Justin Paton, McCahon Country

One year of painting (and blogging here)!

The Red Vineyard by Vincent van Gogh

I’m a little bit late posting this, because I started this blog on 22 April last year, but I’m happy to say I’ve been painting, and blogging here, for a year.