Audio notes (in a video)

John MacDonald shares a lot of tips in Episode 92 of the Learn to Paint Podcast, but one thing that really stood out to me was his practice of recording a video for audio notes.

If he doesn’t have time to paint a scene plein air, or the scene is changing too quickly, along with taking some reference photos, he’ll shoot a video and describe what he’s seeing.

The point isn’t so much to take a video but to describe the subtle colour and value shifts that you’re seeing (in the sky or a shadow, for example) that a photo would lose.

There are two benefits to this:

  • You have good notes to take back to the studio.
  • It makes you really look, analytically. It’s too easy to take a photo and rush back to the studio (in my case, the garage) to paint, without really looking.

I’ll have to try this.

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