A new start

Some paint tubes on my red painting table in the garage

I can’t say I feel any more energetic than I did last year, but I’m excited to be starting this new blog because I think it has the potential to motivate me to make more art this year and help me grow as an artist and a Christian.

I was going to set myself some posting rules to help with the art-making-motivation side, but I decided against that. I love artist blogs that are eclectic, and I think this blog will be most helpful to me (and probably most interesting to you) if I just give myself free reign.

To remind myself that I can paint and draw, and to give you something to look at while the blog is pretty bare, I’ve created galleries of some of my better paintings and drawings to date.

You might also be interested to read a bit of my backstory (along with some other information about the blog) on my About page.

And if this all sounds and looks good, you might even like to subscribe to the blog. 😉

Thanks for checking this out. I’ll post again soon.

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