Barbara von Seida’s “Follow Me” exhibition

I went to see an exhibition by Barbara von Seida at the Carlton Gallery (part of The Arts Junction) in Katikati yesterday. As soon as I walked in, I said, “these are my kind of paintings”—heavily abstracted landscapes with beautiful colour and atmosphere.

The only thing I didn’t like was that many of the paintings were behind glass. That seemed odd for acrylic paintings with very visible brushwork. The gallery was also quite small, so I couldn’t back up as far as I would’ve liked from the paintings.

Other than that, I loved the exhibition.

2 thoughts on “Barbara von Seida’s “Follow Me” exhibition

  1. Very lovely work! Thanks for sharing. I wonder if not all are acrylic and that is why behind glass. Some artist that do mixed media put their work behind glass. They could also be gouache, a water color medium but can show brush marks if applied thickly.

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    1. Possibly. Although, the exhibition was advertised as “acrylic landscapes”. I didn’t look closely at all the labels though. Maybe there were some gouache paintings among them. She is also a watercolour painter.

      Glad you liked it. I often feel, when I’ve been to see an exhibition I like, that I wish a lot more people could see it. That’s why I post links to them here so my readers can at least see photos.


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