The car

Pencil on paper

This was meant to be our Toyota Ipsum, so the perspective and proportions are quite out of whack, but it was a fun quick sketch.

I find that, for certain subjects, if I use too small a piece of paper (this was A4), and I start too big, I end up squashing things up. Probably should have done this on A3.

2 thoughts on “The car

  1. Cars are one of those subjects that if anything is the slightest off it looks quickly like a cartoon. Good try. One thing to remember is as things go away from you, they are smaller or shorter. Many artists make this mistake in perspective with roofs on both vehicles and buildings. Sometimes its how it changes as you move your eyes over something which fools many. And photos can be off too.

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    1. Thanks, Sharon. I’m familiar with the principles of perspective, but I’m still pretty hit and miss when I apply them. Didn’t help that I rushed this sketch. 😆

      On photos: I do sometimes draw/paint from them, but usually when I’m sketching I draw from life. That was the case here. I’ll have another crack at the car at some stage.


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