I might give Instagram a miss

So while Instagram is good for showing us well-composed photos of consumer products — and décor, and people’s nice tanned shoulders, and illustration, and some excellent photojournalism — when it comes to showing us art, it’s like a massive Serra sculpture being driven past your house at 200 miles an hour on the back of a flatbed truck: Yeah, I saw it, kinda. I guess.

Christina Rees on Glasstire

I’ve been tempted to join Instagram because most artists seem to be on there, but I’ve always been hesitant—especially since Facebook owns it.

In case the linked article above isn’t enough to put me off, here’s another one.

Much rather just have my own blog, follow a handful of artists I really like, and get out, as much as possible, to see art in person.

5 thoughts on “I might give Instagram a miss

  1. Hi Chris. You might like Pinterest. I have tried Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest and they all are different. I see more interesting stuff on Pinterest and it does not have the social invasive popularity contest side of the others. Just fun to use and shows you a lot of whatever you are interested in, plus can share your own stuff like art.

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  2. I actually love Instagram. Not that I need anyone else to love it. I understand the issue here. It’s not a substitue to seeing art in person or in person relationships. But as someone who makes art daily, it’s wonderful to have a way to share it and get immediate feedback. I almost exclusively interact with a creative community on Instagram and they have been really supportive and inspiring. I love having this vitrual art friends all over the world. It can be rewarding. But it’s certainly not necessary!

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    1. Thanks for another perspective, Caren. I guess it depends, to a large degree, on how you use it.

      The other issue for me is the addictive nature of social media. I find that particularly troublesome.

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