My eldest daughter
Pencil on paper

Drawing faces is hard. The tiniest mismeasurement can ruin a likeness, and make the proportions look a bit odd, which I think they do here. Having said that, I’m pretty happy with this (drawn from a reference photo, not from life). I captured at least some of what I was trying to.

On a related note, the kids and I had fun doing blind contour drawings of each other. Pretty funny some of the things that came out of that. I might share some in the future.

Question for all my artist friends: Do you distinguish between sketching and drawing? If so, how? I think of sketching as quick and rough, more for preparation for something, and drawing as slower and more intentional (but not necessarily clean). By that definition, this was a drawing for me—but it may have been a very rough sketch for you. 🙂

A couple of previous drawings/sketches I did of my kids:

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