Image by Steve Johnson on Unsplash

I’m not scared of colour, but I am definitely early in the learning phase and trying to get more comfortable and confident with it. So, these seem like great suggestions to help with that. (Although the article is focused on drawing, I’m sure painters will find it helpful.)

Aside from actually working with paint, which I intend to do more of because that’s ultimately what I want to do, I’ve ordered some nice coloured pencils to introduce more colour to my drawing. I’m sure that will help with my colour skills when I come to paint.


  1. I probably abused color with my early paintings until a teacher suggested concentrating on shape first and working with only one color for a while. I found it easier to work on one problem at a time. Then I moved to 2 colors, next to 3 and so on. I can’t say I still don’t abuse color once in a while but I definitely am more comfortable now. Great blog, Chris!

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    1. Thanks for leaving a comment, Katie, and a helpful one at that! There are so many issues in painting—and colour complicates everything!—that it’s helpful to break them down.

      When I did art classes, our teacher got us to focus on shapes and values first, and then taught us traditional underpainting (shapes, values, single colour). That was definitely helpful. I need to keep practising that approach.


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