Playing with watercolour pencils

Watercolour pencil

My youngest daughter bought some Staedtler Noris aquarell watercolour pencils with some money she’d got for her birthday. She let me have a play with them, and the above was the result. I really enjoyed using them. They are quite nicely pigmented, and they produce some surprising effects when you dip them in water or brush over your marks with water.

2 replies on “Playing with watercolour pencils”

I have some Faber-Castell watercolor pencils. They ARE fun! I love the way colors can be mixed to create shading or even new colors. I’m NOT an artist, but have achieved some pleasing results. They’re easier to work with than traditional watercolors.

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Thanks for your comment, Nancy! Yes, from what I’ve read/heard, and from my tiny bit of experience with them, watercolours are pretty hard to control.


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