I haven’t felt overly motivated to paint lately, and I think part of that’s because, every time I do, I have to pull all my materials out and then put them away again afterwards.

So, I finally decided to set up a space in the garage to paint. It’s not overly pretty—or warm—but it’ll do. The main thing is, all my materials are organised and ready to go.

One thing I had to do was saw a length off the vertical bar on my easel so I could lift canvases to full height and have the easel fit in the garage. The bar was unnecessarily high anyway.

A couple more things I need to do:

  • Get an extra light for night-time (or early-morning) painting sessions. The garage has some fluoros set up in the roof, but they don’t provide nearly enough light.
  • Find some old carpet to put on the floor. I find concrete a bit rough to stand on for any length of time.

The painting on the easel is an outdoor one (my first!) I started before lockdown but haven’t gotten round to finishing. (You can still see some of the underpainting.) I’m hoping for a fine day and the right amount of motivation to coincide soon so I can drag my easel up onto the deck and finish it.

In the meantime, I’ll start doing some smaller pieces and experiments. I’m looking forward to getting back in the habit.

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