One year of painting (and blogging here)!

The Red Vineyard by Vincent van Gogh

I’m a little bit late posting this, because I started this blog on 22 April last year, but I’m happy to say I’ve been painting, and blogging here, for a year.

Not only am I happy that I’ve continued to paint but also that I’ve stuck with this blog. Prior to starting it, I’d been in a pattern of starting new blogs (or newsletters) and changing focus or platform quite frequently. I was stuck—unsure as to what I should be doing creatively and letting my perfectionism get the better of me. I’m really thankful to God that I’m out of that rut. I can only put it down to his grace.

Some highlights/significant moments along the way:

I’m really thankful for the artists I’ve connected with on the network, and the students I did nightclasses with. You’ve provided me with inspiration and encouragement to keep going.

I still feel very much like a beginner, and I’m sure I will for few years yet, but, looking back at this first year, I’m encouraged by how far I’ve come.

The blog has helped to keep me motivated. It’s also a great record of what I’m learning. And hopefully it’s helpful or inspiring to you on some level too.

Thanks so much for reading, Liking, and commenting. I hope you’ll stick around for another year!

Painting is aimed at the guts and heart… Seeing is not only eyesight.

Colin McCahon, quoted in How to look at a painting

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