Wow. A lot’s happened in the last week. Like many other countries, New Zealand is now in lockdown. It feels surreal and disconcerting. But I don’t want to focus on COVID-19. We’re all already feeling overwhelmed with the implications and the torrent of media reports. All I want to say is, I hope you’re OK.

For last week’s art class, on Wednesday the 18th, we returned to drawing and learnt about perspective.

Matthew covered:

  • Visual (or linear) and atmospheric perspective.
  • The horizon line, which is always at eye level.
  • Vanishing points and how they will often not be within the boundaries of your support. When you find your vanishing point, you’ve found your horizon line.
  • One- and two-point perspective. In one-point perspective, you can see two sides of an object; in two-point, you can see three.
  • How diagonals and the different sizes and placement of objects suggest depth.
  • The ground plane, which is everything below the horizon line.
  • The picture plane.
  • How to draw roads that recede into the distance, and how to make them look like they rise and fall.
  • How to get the distance right between, say, telephone poles or trees that are spaced at regular intervals and recede into the distance.

Matthew had set up a few objects on top of different sized and rotated blocks in the middle of the room. He got us to use the angles from the blocks to identify our vanishing points and horizon line.

I found this difficult but worthwhile.

Matthew said he left perspective till later in the course so we wouldn’t be put off, because it’s fairly technical and not usually everyone’s favourite subject. πŸ™‚ I’m glad he covered it, and I’ll definitely be returning to my notes and more practice.

Last night, we had our week-8 session over Zoom (because the school is now closed). That was all about colour harmony and discord. We have an exciting project to work on for that, but I haven’t started yet, so I’ll write about it once I have something to show.

Thanks for reading (and viewing). I really appreciate it. πŸŽ¨πŸ–ŒοΈ


  1. I love the drawing with the thermette in it, we used to have one exactly like the one you drew!

    I remember learning about vanishing points many, many years in my technical drawing classes at high school. I’m glad your classes are able to continue via Zoom, it will be a good activity to do while stuck at home.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thermette! That’s the word I was looking for!

      And, yes, I think I probably learnt about vanishing points in third-form tech drawing too.

      Thanks, Mike. I’m looking forward to my next art class and getting in some more painting over the few weeks.


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