Ink drawing of a David Hockney photo

You might remember, in week 4 of my art classes, we worked with ink and shellac and did some drawings of old David Hockney photos of objects in his studio?

At the time, I didn’t share those because I didn’t have permission—and the ones I did on the night weren’t that great.

I’ve since asked for permission from David’s reproduction department, and apparently I don’t need it. I’m not quite sure why, but anyway, above is a better ink drawing I did from one of the photos a few days after the art class. I couldn’t find the original photo online to link to (I only have a photocopy).

I’m pretty happy with the perspective and proportions in this one. I think I mostly got it right. I really like the effects you can get with ink too. I’ll have to play with it some more in the future.

P. S. Although the dog looks kinda real, it was actually a sculpture sitting on the bench, from what I could make out.

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