I’ve had a busy week preparing for a job interview, so I haven’t done any practice of what I learnt in last week’s class up till now.

This didn’t really match what we did on Wednesday—tonight I used a much smaller, simpler subject; A5 rather than A1 paper; and shorter pieces of charcoal—but it was still worthwhile practice.

My subject was a pretty-much-dead flower in a small, shapely vase:

Dead flower in small vase

I did some blind-contour drawing to begin with. The bottom left one, and maybe one other, were done with my eyes closed (exercise 1 from last week), and the others were done without looking at my hand or the paper (exercise 2 from last week). I actually really like the shape of the bottom-left one.

Blind contour drawings of flower in vase

Then I did a few drawings allowing myself to look at the paper. You can see there’s a little bit more detail and accuracy in these, although I allowed myself to still be quite loose and smudge out a couple of lines with my fingers. A fun (and definitely worthwhile) exercise, and I like the results.

Contour drawing

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