More practice for my art class. I attempted making marks for a different set of emotions this time.

Emotion marks
Left to right, top to bottom: confusion, disgust, adoration, horror, awe, triumph, fear, excitement

I find this difficult—mostly because it’s a scary accessing some of these emotions (I pray before I do), but also because it’s hard to draw viscerally rather than think about what the mark for a particular emotion “should” look like. I can see the value in the exercise, though. When you look at a great painting, you do get a sense of emotion from the brush strokes.

A couple more negative-space drawings:

Pump, bottle, can
Sunblock pump, bubble-liquid bottle, wacky-string can
Cat-scratch structure

This is is a climbing and scratching structure that our new little kitten loves. It has balls hanging from the top level and was good negative-space practice.

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