Art school

Art classes: week 3

I started this at our class last Wednesday, and then took a few more days to finish it at home.

The focus was tone, and we used this James Casebere photograph as our reference.


Struggling beginners

Veteran artists make art that seems so natural, so self-assured and mature that it’s hard for the rest of us to imagine that they too were once struggling beginners.

Ted Orland, The View From the Studio Door

Jim McVicker: A Way of Seeing

Except for the music, which gets a bit monotonous, I really enjoyed watching this. I love the quick, decisive way Jim paints. And it’s interesting seeing someone work outside, rather than in the studio.


Trees are your friend

Trees are a wonderful gift of nature and actually do provide a unique type of friendship to those that appreciate how special they are.

Karren Case
Art and faith

The Kingdom Art Life

Conversations about art and faith can often (understandably) be quite metaphorical and abstract, and sometimes this frustrates me. So, I really appreciate Marlita Hill’s podcast, The Kingdom Art Life, which gives a solid biblical and theological grounding to the discussion, and is highly practical.

Marlita is a great communicator—quiet, clear, insightful, and funny—and, as a professional dancer and mature Christian, she’s lived this stuff out; it’s not theory. Her perspective and message (which is about harmonising faith, art, and a “secular” art career) are quite unique, I think.

Highly recommended.